Hi, my name is Julian Omonsky. I am a photographer from Germany. My passion for photography developed quite early fueled by my first hobby. I am interested in roller coasters. Traveling the world to enjoy rides on roller coasters, I always wanted to picture my trips. The more impressive the better.

At the age of 14 I bought my first DSLR. Shortly after that I received a phone call by a former chief reporter of the “Bildzeitung“ who heard of my photos. My sister first hung up when he called perhaps because of his odd formulations on the phone. Luckily he called back. Today I am very thankful for his effort to call me and plenty of long talks with him. I am rather sure that he had a great influence in my work.

When I was studying “Kommunikationsdesign“ and founded my agency “Zwei und Ich“, photography was pushed more and more to the background for strategical reasons. I was never happy with this. As my agency has left its initial phase, I can now again focus on my passion photography in addition.

I love traveling, taking photos and documenting. Challenges and action have always inspired my work. Thus I created Monsieur Sky a label exclusively for photography in the amusement branch.

I believe the best work is only created while having fun doing it and fun is what is driving me to create excellent work.