Looking for innovation at your place? Well, I may can help you.

On a summer evening in 2020, shortly after the wheel was closed to the public for the day, I got the chance for one of the most spectacular Ferris wheel rides in the world. Secured with a safety harness, together with the owner, we went up into the Vienna night sky. It really blowed my mind, standing on top of the oldest operating Ferris wheel in the world at a hight of 64 meters. Shortly after that, the idea was born. It finally resulted in an experience almost as good as the actual rooftop ride itself (I have to say this, to keep my personal experience meaningful to me).

From one of the first inputs of adding swings, the idea developed further: The big challenge was to disrupt general operations as little as possible while still providing a similar experience. Long story short: Swings would have required an adjustable floor to establish (seamless???) ground level for loading and unloading and a lift table would not have fit into the existing conditions on site. The entire project would have been more error-prone, time-consuming and cost-intensive.

The glass platform solves all these problems and is easy to use within the regular operations. Guests arrive at the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and get picked up by a guide. The guide helps put on the safety harnesses and accompanies guests on their journey. After a quick safety briefing, guests step on the platform. Now, connected to a safety cable, guests will walk to their position. The guide connects the safety harness with the final attachment point and the ride is ready to beginn.

Within the next 10-15 minutes, guests will discover a one of its kind experience. No other ferris wheel in the world offers anything comparable. Never before was the history of the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel so tangile like now. The Plattform really displays what the construction workers live was about in 1897.