There are a few ways to experience the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. On a beautiful summer evening in 2020, just after the Wheel had closed for the day, I seized the opportunity to embark on one of the most spectacular Ferris Wheel rides imaginable.

Plattform 9

The typical way to take a ride on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel is in one of its 15 wagons. Each offers a great view of the city of Vienna. Then, there is Plattform 9 since 2022.

However, a third option is to ride atop the roof of one of the actual wagons – and that’s how new ideas evolve!

With a safety harness securely fastened, the owner and I ascended into the Vienna night sky.

Surrounded by silence, we beheld the twinkling lights of the Vienna Prater and the magnificent skyline of the city itself.

Shortly thereafter, we both recognized the potential to offer a similar experience to the public. It eventually resulted in an experience ALMOST as good as the actual rooftop ride itself. Well, almost… because some things are just meant to be kept special and close to the heart.

From one of the first inputs of adding swings the idea developed further

The major challenge was to minimize disruption to regular operations while ensuring that we could offer a comparable experience to the breathtaking rooftop ride.

The idea of adding swings was initially a good one, but it required an adaptable moving floor to facilitate easy boarding at ground level. Furthermore, with swings, you can only face in one direction, limiting the view.

In the end, incorporating the necessary lift table into the existing setup posed logistical and budgetary constraints. Pursuing this way would have made the project significantly more complex and considerably more expensive. So, I kept on thinking about how to implement a similar experience effectively.

The solution is a glass platform

The glass platform solves all problems and is easy to use within the regular operations:

  1. Guests arrive at the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel and get picked up by a tour guide.
  2. The guide helps guests put on their safety harnesses and stays with them during the entire journey.
  3. After a quick safety briefing, guests step onto the platform and attach to a safety cable to reach their spot.
  4. The guide secures the safety harness to the final attachment point and the journey is ready to beginn. 

The next minutes, guests will encounter a truly unique experience.

Dedicated to the construction workers of 1897

At Plattform 9, guests discover a truly unique experience, dedicated to the construction workers who erected the Wheel in 1897. The ride offers the only way for the public to truly grasp the challenges of working at heights of about 64 meters.

Side Fact: Body belts, predecessors to safety harnesses, gained popularity in the 1920s (23 years after Wheel was build).
Keep this in mind as you enjoy your ride.

Plattform 9 has gained significant attention

The new experience was launched just in time for the 125th anniversary of the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. Moreover, it served as a successful promotional tool for “The most spectacular job in Austria” campaign, as well as for various other marketing collaborations and promotional events.

In summary, Platform 9 is a major success for the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, expanding a tradition dating back over 125 years with a breathtaking new innovation. This addition is the perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity, seamlessly fitting into the overall portfolio of the Wiener Prater.